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Manage the schedule and booking of all your sports, fitness and other activities services effortlessly with IN2.

If you’re a trainer, facility, studio, gym or  academy, IN2 is the best booking platform for you. You ask why? The answer is simple. IN2 not only provides you with quick and easy bookings, but also facilitates your life more than you could ever imagine. IN2 lets you set up your fields, staff, classes and more… It  simplifies membership registrations,, helps you with appointments, solves last minute cancellations, and exposes you to a whole new world of customers in need. All of this happens on your own terms. Amazing, right?

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Venues & Clubs

Get access to one of the most flexible business tools that streamlines the management of your facilities and staff while providing the right exposure to a new world of digital clients.

Activity Organizers

Download the app that’s going to save you a lot of time and headaches! From organizing activities between friends to joining and engaging a community of like-minded people.

Trainers & Academies

Join a growing community of experienced trainers and academies to help manage clients, appointments, and payments while increasing awareness around expert service you deliver.

Activity Afiliates

From sportswear to glassware, catering or party planning, if you need to reach the right people through a medium that connects users to relevant businesses, you’re more than welcome to join in2.


A toolkit that can benefit your business



Reduce paperwork delays and manage your business in real time


Gain clarity and optimize your workflow and schedule


Go mobile and take your organized business with you, where ever you go



Reduce no-shows by engaging and reminding participants by push or email


Facilitate collections with online reservations, memberships, and payments


Build your repertoire and visibility by getting reviews and ratings



Increase your online presence and improve your professional image


Gain access to different communities and boost your sales


Maximize lead conversion by targeting the right people within reach



Clearly relay your business settings, rules, and regulations


Protect yourself from last minute cancellations


Avoid overcrowding by limiting class attendance or privacy