Parents, meet Parents!

By admin, June 24, 2016

Summer’s here, and it’s time for some rest, relaxation, rehabilitation, and any other words that could start with “re”! It’s time to think of ways where parents finally get to have their cake and eat it too. As an adult, it’s finally summer and it’s time to socialize! As parents, spending quality time with your children is one of the most precious things!

I can’t imagine a parent who wouldn’t like to throw their kid a party (and at the same time, why not invite the all the parents and your friends too):

1- Kids Star: Looking for a custom parties for your kids? Kids Star is the perfect place for birthdays and special occasions. Check out their fun-filled party packages that will turn a birthday into a day that will not be forgotten. Don’t take our word for it, check out their reviews.

2- Playtown: In the heart of beirut, Playtown caters to children ages 1-11, and makes sure that not one child will leave without benefiting from their activities. Playtown comes equipped with every facility and resource a developing child could need. Make sure to call ahead, Playtown can get booked very quickly.

3- Party & More: If you’re looking for a kids party and need more help planning it, Party & More are the planners to go to. It’s not just party planning, but a dedicated venue to host birthday parties, as well as an assortment of party supplies ,balloons, gifts, costumes, and decorations.

4- Boot Camp: The name says it all, it’s boot camp for kids, but don’t worry, everyone gets fed and most of it is play time. If you feel like your kid could use some character building, then this is the place. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s practically a theme and their curriculum is based on child development.

5- Super Me: Super Me is an exciting multi-purpose center built to mold kids by providing early education in a safe, healthy, fun, and eco-friendly environment. Super Me is not just a childcare center, it caters to a growing group of parents that are young, busy, and need a place to learn more about the development of children.

6- Kidzmondo: There isn’t much need to go on about Kidzmondo, pretty much the most popular and publicized center in Lebanon. If you need a themed party or a fun place to drop your kids off for a couple hours, Kidzmondo can handle any needs.

Now that we’ve covered things you can do with your kids, and they are all happily tired and tucked into bed, it’s your turn to release all that pent up social energy

1- Join a Cooking Class: Lamina’s Kicthen welcomes you to sign up for their cooking class! A great way to meet people and other parents, while surrounded by incredibly tasty treats. Souk Al Tayeb also opens its kitchens to the public, and The Libaliano Kitchen offers personalized lessons.

2- Take a Yoga Class: Yoga is a perfect way to recalibrate your balance, and of course, tone your body and develop your core muscles. Many options are available, The Art of Living, Beirut Yoga Center, and Nok Yoga Shala have big studios with many classes. Whereas Fit2Fly, and Yoga with Joy can be more personalised sessions.

3- Cater your own party: When you’ve spent all week out and about, the only thing you would want is a gathering at your house. But we wouldn’t want you to do any of the dirty work, it’s your day off! Many companies cater to either small gatherings or huge events, so it’s up to you if “the more the merrier” is your thing. First and foremost, the most synonymous catering would be Socrate, and we couldn’t possibly forget Le Blanc Catering. Sofil Catering and Bread and roses both cater to smaller events and have a very wide menu to select from.

Now the only thing you have to wonder is who’s going to join you for all the fun.