Must-See TV

By admin, August 8, 2016

Here are a bunch of must-see-TV series that shouldn’t be missed out on! No specific genre to the list, just some good netflix and chill time.

Scream Queens

If you’re weaning your way into watching scary movies and shows, you might want to try this horror parody that will have you at the edge of your seat, only to fall over laughing. In one sentence, Scream Queens follows a bunch of sorority sisters are targeted by a serial murderer.  You’d be surprised to know that Jamie Lee Curtis is back in the game, and to be honest I don’t think anyone could have played her role better. Emma Roberts, known for her role in “American Horror Story: The Coven”, plays the lead role as Sorority President, Chanel Oberlin. The soundtrack is the real killer.

American Horror Story: The Coven

The least grotesque and dark of the AHS Series (and that’s not really saying much). Follows a dying breed of witches that collect at a boarding school as they try to identify their newest supreme in order to form a coup to dethrone the current supreme. The current supreme being the principle’s mother. Enough spoilers, it’s a very good show, also quick, easy, and full of magic. Stevie Nicks also makes an appearance, as well as opens up an episode with song and dance to her 7 Wonders.


If you like super powers and psychic connections, this one will blow you away. I can only hope people follow through the first fifteen minutes to truly get hooked and binge it out overnight. I couldn’t say the cast members are well known, but they are very well played, and mighty attractive.  When I got to a certain episode 6, *Spoiler Removed*, I knew I could not see a certain aspect of my life the same way again.

Bob’s Burger

You’ve got a dysfunctional American family running a burger joint, what could go wrong? Bob is a pretty complacent kind of guy, just wants to live his life nice and easy, and it would be easy if it wasn’t for the supportive and overly-passionate wife, and three kids with a whole lot of character in each. You’ll notice that with each intro the shop to the right has changed. The voice behind Bob, H. Jon Benjamin, is also Archer in Archer, another notable animated comedy.

Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt

Created by Tina Fey, you know it’s going to be worth the time. Girls were kidnapped and held in an underground bunker for 10 years, leaving them little room to grow and stay updated. But one day Kimmy, Ellie Kemper, and her friends are saved. Kimmy stays in New York City and gets an apartment and a job with very entertaining people. Each episode teaches Kimmy a thing or two about what’s changed in the past ten years.