Music that soothes

By admin, August 24, 2016

We’ve all been there, going through our day, thinking everything’s fine and dandy, then life hits you with one its infamous curve balls! Awesome! Try some of these song to soothe your soul. You might have seen it coming, or not, either ways there’s a pit in your stomach, blood pressure drops just a bit, and you sure seem a lot whiter than you did a second ago. There’s not much you can do but ride it out and deal it the best way you can. Music is my vent, so let’s look at a couple songs that you could use when faced with a sudden and surely unwanted, but sometimes warranted, reality check.Here are some tracks that can help soothe your soul!

Let’s start nice and easy, these pick-me-ups should soothe.

You’ve got your happy, funky, loud, fast, and fresh! Check out the playlist and save it to your lists!

Not soothed? Let’s just dwell on it for a bit with these two.

Now you had your time to brood, it’s time to get up, and change things around! Don’t just sit there expecting things to change if no one is changing them! Don’t just wallow all day staring at a wall or the floor. Life isn’t as gray as it seems, there’s a world of color waiting for your eye to open up to!

Sometimes it’s ok to take a moment and reflect on your experiences and just remember that you’ve felt these feelings before and you got through them just fine. You might even begin to recognize a pattern or cycle you seem to be following. The first step to solving a problem is recognizing it, so you can then identify where things seem to go wrong in your cycle.

For all of this to actually happen, your soul must be soothed! A turbulent soul will seek distraction, anything to stop you from taking a moment to sitting down and dealing with it. Sooth the soul, break the cycle.