Knowledge = Health

By admin, October 28, 2016

I’m going to say this again, I’m not the poster boy of health, but I really don’t want to end up 40 with more medical bills than I can handle. It starts with the base, how we treat our body when growing up. If your building isn’t properly built and maintained, you can expect some hefty bills later on in life, or end up with a collapsed building. Let’s see how to make sure you don’t end up oiling creaking doors your entire life.


Have you ever seen rusted Iron? When Iron isn’t kept in optimal conditions it rusts in a process called oxidization. Oxidization is going to happen either ways, but it’s how we condition matter that will either slow the process down, or catalyze it. The same happens to in our body, things like carcinogens (mostly carbon based toxins) which includes smoking, catalyzes the process of oxidization. As a rule of thumb, any green leafy or citrus fruit are packed with antioxidants, which slow down the process of oxidization. They’re also packed with vitamins, so go crazy!


So, most people think bacteria are bad, but we have the bad kind of bacteria, and we have good kind. And then we have Probiotics, the best way to keep those good bacteria safe and sound! You’ve seen a thousand and one ads about healthy digestive-aiding or fitness yogurt with probiotics, little did you know all yogurt has probiotics, some brands just focus on fortifying the probiotics. That in mind, I would recommend one thing, Yogurt & Cucumber salad. The cucumbers give long term hydration and are full of fiber, the yogurt cools, and the garlic feeds the heart.


I said I wasn’t the poster boy of health, and most people say that multivitamins aren’t good for you, but guess what, depriving your body of the necessary nutrients is worse! For some reason, things have changed, life is fast, and most people only really eat two proper meals with snacks in between. If you’re smart about it, you’ll read the table of contents & the daily recommended value of the supplement and see what works for you.  I won’t mention which multivitamin I take, but let’s just say it covers all nutrients from A to Zinc.


Do you know why we stretch in the morning? It’s mainly because our body’s muscles get sore when they are rested for too long. Stretching is the least amount of effort you could do to keep your body limber and ready for action. Yoga & pilates are based on the concept of stretching the body to tone muscle. Our morning stretch is very important, in the first 10-15 minutes you’re awake, your mind is also trying to warm up, stretching forces blood to circulate around your body. You’ll notice a difference in your morning mood if you stretch just a bit every morning.


We all walk, but when is the last time you took a walk? Like you left your house, with the intention of taking a walk around the neighborhood. I can say that that’s never happened to me, but I do take small measures to ensure that I do walk at least 30-45 mins a day. You can choose to not take your car while running light errands, you can choose to park just a bit further when going to work, you can take the steps, or walk to the convenience store instead of ordering. Especially when at work, taking a short walk is VERY IMPORTANT! It clears the mind, your mood will lighten, your stress levels will diminish, and guess what?


Want to guess why eastern asians look so young? Why the elderly still bounce around without any help from the young? You guessed it, it’s their special blend of herbs and spices! From Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon Grass, to TamarindAsians know their homeopathy, and it’s not potions and brews. The nutritional value found in their food and tea drinks are beyond any cuisine.


Hydration! HYDRATION! HYDRATE!!! Much like the consistency of the earth, the human body is 80% water. Our cells, our tissue, our skin, even our breathe has an amount of moisture. Much like oxidization, you can either slow the process of hydration or you can aid it. Coffee, Most teas, and soft drinks are all dehydrants, you will notice yourself either sweating it out or visiting the bathroom more often. Either ways, those types of drinks are going to push the water out of your body. Leaving you light headed and listless and if you don’t recover, its going to move on to a headache. Your blood shrivels up when your body doesn’t have enough water, and they get tired, and find it hard to transport nutrients. You’re best source of hydration is not water! It is the most obvious one, but fruits are the optimal source of water. Instead of your body being invaded by a rush of water when you drink a glass, fruits are broken down slowly and have more nutritional value.


What goes up, must come down, and what goes in, must come out. It’s our job to make the ride as smooth as possible. That means Fiber, Hydration, and a Hot Fluid.  Fiber is in every plant food, it’s the cell walls of the plant, it can’t be digested, and the body knows that so it pushes the fiber out. While pushing the fiber out, it collects all the residues that remain in the digestion tract. Without water, the fiber is too rigid and won’t go down easy. When a hot fluid runs through the digestive tract it melts away all fatty substances that weren’t removed by fiber. Let’s just end the digestion topic there.