BDL 2016 Accelerate Startup Competition Event

The BDL Accelerate Startup Experience

By admin, November 7, 2016

BDL Accelerate 2016 was an incredible place to be if you were a startup or entrepreneur,  for those who missed out here’s what happened.


1- Let’s start off with Parking:

Off the bat, you pretty much knew traffic and parking was going to be a disaster. BDL Accelerate is a huge conference and a lot of people are interested. By the traffic surrounding the Forum de Beyrouth, you knew it was big. Sadly enough though, I’m not really sure what Valet means, but at BDL Accelerate, Valet means paying ten thousand (the equivalent of $6.33) to park your car yourself.

2- You Parked! Head to Registration:

The registration process was smooth as ever! Scan your ticket, get your name tag, goodie bag and food tokens, and head to the conference! Depending on what you registered as you were given a color coded & labeled  name tag. Little known fact, Investors will hide their identities, a little stealth tactic to ensure they won’t be trampled by the startups for funding. (that’s not even how it goes, we just smile a little wider, and hope you’re interested)

3- Coffee, Juice, Water, oh and Souk al Akel!

Of those who came, you know you were at the food court half the time! From local food made in a new way, to new foods made in a local way, everything was there. You had your salty, sweet, sour, doughy, fried, baked, cheesy, puffy, bbq’ed, and everything inbetween! The outdoor setting really helped everyone mingle with the perfect atmosphere of random bands, great music, and even better smells tingling your taste buds every step of the way.

4- The startups, and boy were they many!

We had startups from all around the world come to Lebanon just to compete in BDL, and it was amazing! Meeting with such a wide and diverse collection of startups  truly was an eye opening experience! Most startups were tackling an issue they faced in their country, others were trying to bring innovation to underdeveloped countries, and the rest were automating processes with algorithms based on artificial intelligence for business optimization.

5- Last but not least the Winner!

After all startups had competed only one remained! Jaleesa, your trusted babysitters on demand, stood out amongst the crowd and was victorious! We at IN couldn’t be happier for them, they won fair and square, and we only wish them the best in their business and lives! The people behind Jaleesa are bright, and bursting with energy to make a change.

6- Let’s mention a couple more though:

Wango – A dating mobile application with a twist, a game to break the ice!

Moodfit – Interior design online. Such great people!

Pocket Pill – An app aimed at ensuring patients schedule & take their medication.

Aid:Tech – Bringing people in need & donations closer using Blockchain Technology.

7- And if you didn’t get the chance to see our booth: