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Organize – Find – Book. Enjoy!

In2 aims to help people lead a healthier, more active, and fulfilled lifestyle. Whether you are in2 sports, music, outdoor activities, or other hobbies, IN2 makes participating in and planning activities a much more enjoyable experience.

With features like group chat, score keeping, venue booking, and finding that missing player, organizing an activity has never been simpler. In fact, they’re half the fun!

Have you forgotten the joy of playing? Is your busy schedule out of sync with your friends? Or do you have a guitar, tennis racket, or other sports gear collecting dust in the corner of your room? It’s never too late, you’re not too rusty! Tomorrow starts today… Join IN2, find like-minded people and reignite your passions!


Select Privacy

If your activity is open to everyone, make it public and reach out to the right people. If you’d rather keep it amongst friends, no worries, make it private. Need that extra person to complete the count? Just turn it public and IN2 will do the rest for you

Play Anytime

Looking to play with someone but don’t know who, when or where? Don’t worry. Just create an “Anytime” activity and someone with the same interest will come along to help you plan it. Before you know it, you’ll be a weekly player!

Track Scores

Assign players to different teams and submit the winner after each game. This will allow you to track your wins, losses and draws. Better yet, visit a friend’s profile and you can see how you’ve performed both together and against each other

Book Services

You will soon be able to book sports venues such as football fields, basketball courts and more. Likewise, you will be able to browse through a list of professional instructors to book your private session at your own convenience.

Organize Your Business
Whether you’re a trainer or manage a sports venue, a studio or an academy, our solution will help optimize your day to day operations, reach out to your audience and receive online bookings!
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